1.  MrDelirious: If this user is ever seen on this wiki he shall be blocked immediately.
  2. If this user is seen, don't make direct contact with them, and ban them from chat or block him.
  3.  Funny Man: Reason is because it is a sockpuppet of MrDelirious.
  4.  Patrick Star 129: If this user is seen immediately block them, so they can not vandalize or ignore warnings.
  5. Spongebob Squarepants 123: same account renamed.
  6.  Ponyo Fan: If this user is ever seen immediately block her for some disturbing reasons she has caused in the past.
  7.  Miatalee: If this user is seen immediately block them, they have about 30 + sockpuppets known and block all other sockpuppets as well.
  8. SmallZzy: Sockpuppet of MrDelirious, making up stories about suicide.
  9. Master Bravenwolf: If anyone sees this guy on this wiki, block him immediately, as he is a troller who causes disruption and is an 11 year old with anger issues who begs and pleads for adminship or bureaucrat rights.

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