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SpongeBob SquarePants: Sponge out of Water Movie News Edit

On March 4, 2011, in an article by the Los Angeles Times, it was first reported that Paramount had "another SpongeBob picture" in development.

Philippe Dauman, the president and CEO of Paramount's parent company Viacom, officially announced on February 28, 2012 that a sequel film was in development and slated for an unspecified 2014 release, saying that "We will be releasing a SpongeBob movie at the end of 2014. Dauman added that the film "will serve to start off or be one of our films that starts off our new animation effort." Nickelodeon expected the new movie to fare better in the box offices than it's predecessor due to SpongeBob being more globally known. Dauman said, "This will continue to propel SpongeBob internationally."

The films title was announced on June 10th 2014, and is not a direct sequel to the 2004 movie.

The SpongeBob Movie- Sponge Out of Water - Official Trailer (2015)02:34

The SpongeBob Movie- Sponge Out of Water - Official Trailer (2015)

The movie's executive producer and co-writer is series creator Stephen Hillenburg, who left the show as its showrunner in 2004 after the release of The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie. Production on the film is expected to wrap up by November 2014.

At the San Diego Comic-Con International held on July 25, 2014, Paramount Pictures released the first footage of the film, as part of their presentation at Hall H, with Tom Kenny, SpongeBob's voice actor, hosting the panel.

The film's first trailer was released on July 31st, 2014.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Season 10 News Edit

In May of 2012, it was announced SpongeBob had been renewed for a tenth season, bringing the episode count from 204 to 241, meaning Season 10 will have 37 episodes, making it the longest season yet.

In early 2014, it was rumored that series creator and former executive producer would return to the TV show full time, although when asked on twitter, creative director Vincent Waller said "I doubt it." but he wouldn't know for sure until after the movie is released.

Interviews Edit

Tom Kenny 'The SpongeBob Movie- Sponge Out of Water' Exclusive Interview- Comic-Con (2014) HD02:58

Tom Kenny 'The SpongeBob Movie- Sponge Out of Water' Exclusive Interview- Comic-Con (2014) HD

At San Diego Comic Con 2014, Tom Kenny (The voice of SpongeBob) gave an exclusive interview where he gave some insight about the movie (And his fake twitter deaths.)

Other News Edit

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