See also: Meeting:20140817/log


These are the plans and ideas that were discussed in the first meeting of the OG. Users please refer to this on what to contribute and help with.

- main priority right now, applying for spotlight, we need to reach 200 pages.

- Also differentiating ourselves from ESB as much as possible

- revamping the site, different Jellyfish on sides of pages. New background. (Background done)

- Navbar will be revamped by Auron. (Done!)

- Auron will add ambient music to front page (no lyrics), not playing by default.

- Polls to be set up. (Done kinda)

- Info boxes need to be on most pages.

- Nicko will add emoticons to chat.

- No longer accepting admins at this time. We have enough for now.

- tags to be given to top 5 contributors of each month, leaderboard needs to be revamped.

- templates, tabs, and info boxes to get a unique colour scheme.

- New hubs need to be added including: Characters Hub, News Hub (Added), and Merchandise Hub. Video game hub needs to be revamped and easier to read, while episode hub needs info.

- Promote the Wiki via Twitter, social networks and word of mouth. Make the Wiki well known.

- Movie countdown timer on main page

-Meetings will be held every saturday at 9PM EST

-random/featured/ article of the week

-Trivia games

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