"Jellyfishing" is an episode from Season 1. In this episode, SpongeBob and Patrick try to get Squidward to go jellyfishing.

Plot Synopsis Edit

Jellyfishing are floating by. SpongeBob and Patrick watch then run to collect their gear (Nets, glasses, saftey stuff) SpongeBob and Patrick try to catch a Jellyfish but get stung while running away from it. They land at Squidwards house who is just about to go for a bike ride. Squidward rides off laughing until he meets a Jellyfish wich gets stuck in his mouth. After trying to get rid of it he slides down a cliff and "Explodes".

The next morning Squidward arrives at his house in a wheelchair in bandages. SpongeBob and Patrick greet them in surprise. Squidward tries to leave but SpongeBob and Patrick refuses so he is there to stay. They start with some soup but after many attempts of blowing SpongeBob stops Patrick from burning him even more. Next is a tune on the clarinet but after SpongeBob licks his lips Patricks stops him from playing.

So they go Jellyfishing wich Squidward runs off. But they don't let him so he is still here to stay. Patrick rams a jellyfishing net through his hand, Squidward barely shows interest in catching a Jellyfish and SpongeBob and Patrick fail to show him how to catch a Jellyfish to the song "The Blue Danubae". While SpongeBob and Patrick are being stung Squidward locks his eyes on a Jellyfish after he gets stung by one. He runs after it but the Jellyfish lands on it's mother. Squidward torches the Jellyfish by hitting it on it's mother but karma comes to him when runs away as the mother tries to zaps him hard. Eventually he does get zapped. 

The next day SpongeBob and Patrick enter with plasters all over themselves. Squidward arrives who's only wish is to enter his house. The two try to apologies but Squidward gets his revenge by opening a jar with a Jellyfish inside as a gift from SpongeBob. They run off as they get stung. Squidward is laughing until the mother returns to zap him once more.

Characters Edit

SpongeBob SquarePants

Patrick Star

Squidward Tentacles

Reception Edit

Fun Facts Edit

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