The Chum Bucket is the residence of Plankton and Karen and a rival restarunt to the Krusty Krab. It, however, is a massive failure and it constantly fails to attract customers. It's former slogans were "Chum is Fum" and "Fum is Chum"


  • Plankton's Chum
  • Chum Burger
  • Chum Fries
  • Chum Nuggets
  • Chumbalaya
  •  Chum Melt
  • Chum Puddle
  • Chum Loaf
  • Chum Balls
  • Chum Yum!
  • Chum Shake
  • Chum Chili
  • Chum Pot Pie
  • Chum Stir Fry
  • Chum Cake
  • Chummy Joes
  • Chumstick
  • Chum Fricasee
  • Chummy Patties
  • Ultra Chummy Patties
  • Crispity Crunchities

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